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Using solar energy to power your home is one of the smartest investments you can make.

Lower your energy bills
Reduce your carbon footprint
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Get the best quality solar solution with German made SOLARWATT panels and German SMA inverters

Expert Electrical supplies only the highest quality solar equipment. Our panel and inverter package uses cutting-edge German engineering from Solarwatt panels, and revolutionary inverter technology from SMA for the ultimate solar solution.

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SMA Inverters – Australia’s trusted choice

With 50% overall market share, German SMA inverters are Australia’s most reputable and popular inverter.
Featuring a smart integrated web interface, SMA’s ‘Sunny’ Inverters are easy to install and have 24x7 fault monitoring. If a fault is detected, you get notified by email, and Expert Electrical will quickly fix the problem. If the inverter fails, we’ll replace it and if SMA fails to supply the inverter within 3 days they will compensate the system owner for lost productivity.
Your investment is protected with a 5 + 5 year replacement warranty, backed by the SMA PowerUP Partner network.

Best performance in the shade with SMA Shadefix

Your beautiful, tall trees don’t have to affect the performance of your solar panels.
SMA’s inbuilt patented Shadefix technology minimises the impact of shade. For maximum energy generation in shade, we can also add optimisers to get the most of your system.

Expert Electrical is proud to be a trusted SMA PowerUP Partner

As part of the exclusive SMA PowerUP network, our teams are specially trained in the installation of SMA inverter technology. We provide the highest standard of after sales service with extended warranties and priority servicing.
The SMA PowerUP Partner network is made up of highly qualified solar installers. SMA PowerUP Partners go through a rigorous accreditation process and we’re regularly audited to ensure we continue to meet SMA’s exacting standards.

Pioneering German Technology

German-based engineering company SMA invented the world’s first string inverter, which has remained the benchmark in the solar inverter industry for decades. They have been setting trends in renewable energy development for over 35 years.

Get the best of German knowhow with SOLARWATT panels

  • 30 year Product and Performance warranty
  • Super lightweight
  • Exceptionally reliable yield rates
  • Increased fire protection
  • Monocrystalline high power solar cells
  • Long-lasting and safe
  • Resilient
  • Low-glare
  • Ammonia and salt mist resistant
  • Large hailstone resistant

In 1998, Germany’s SOLARWATT introduced the world’s first glass on glass panels. They are the only company that supplies these dual glass solar panels in Australia.
The double glass design delivers a much higher energy production over the lifetime of the panel and is extremely durable. Even after 30 years, they are guaranteed to have at least 87% of their original output.
Using two super thin 2mm glass sheets means the panels weigh the same as single glass designs. Yet they are far more durable because they flex, rather than break, under pressure. Using glass on both the upper and lower sides protects solar cells from fractures and hot-spots.

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I am over the moon with my solar system, my 1st bill since the solar was installed was only $91.


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