Save with solar panels

Thanks to government rebates, high quality solar power is now less expensive than you’d think. But rebates are phasing out, which is why the earlier you take advantage, the more you’ll save.

You want to make sure that your system is a sound investment, not an install-and-run. Depending on the quality of the system, your solar panels could last you 5 years or 25 years.

Inverters, panels, wattage, warranties...there’s a lot to think about.

  • Rebates: the early bird catches the worm
  • Trusted Tier 1 brands give you peace of mind for decades
  • Immunity from energy price hikes

Find your perfect system, and work out your savings

Solar Panels

We only use what we'd recommend to our grandmothers

You want a guarantee that each panel is well-designed and thoughtfully engineered. Plus, they must tolerate our Queensland hailstorms and salty coastal air. The brands we select come with excellent warranties. Useful accessories like smart monitoring apps to give you more control over your household energy consumption. You’re also guaranteed that the panels will keep producing high energy outputs as they age, even after as long as 30 years.

Our Favourite Solar Panels

A Tried and Tested Brand

The difference between a reputable, quality panel and low-cost panels lies in the details. Monocrystalline cells have a higher output efficiency than polycrystalline. Double glass panes are more weather-resistant and reliable. Tempered glass gives more protection against cracks. Award-winning brand, SolarWatt, ticks all these boxes.

Vision M Series

  • German engineering from SolarWatt
  • 30-year warranty for both product and performance
  • Guaranteed to maintain 87% output for 30 years
  • Specialised glass layers prevent cracks and hot spots
  • Salt and hail resistant

Our Other Favourites

Hyundai Solar Panels

  • One of the most trusted brands globally
  • Monocrystalline cells
  • Weather resistant with tempered glass and reinforced frame
  • Proven cell efficiency of 17-19% (that’s high)
  • Low operating temperature (so it loses less power)
  • 25 year warranty

Seraphim Solar Panels

  • 10-year guarantee on product and workmanship
  • 25-year warranty on power output
  • Proven reliability through hail stones, sand, pH changes, and wind load
  • Dense monocrystalline and polycrystalline cell combination
  • Proven cell efficiency of up to 22.3% (that’s really good)
  • Anti-reflective coating allows more sunlight to be captured
  • Hotspot prevention leading to improved yield over the lifespan

What Our Customers Say

The friendly and competent Expert Electrical team configured a PV system meeting our requirements at a competitive price. A big plus is their customer service before and after the installation that made the process easy and smooth.
Vera Geng
Vera Geng
07:41 25 Oct 21
Would recommend Expert Electrical to anyone looking at placing Solar panels on their home.They are a friendly professional company who were so easy to deal with.From our initial conversations with Joran around the replacement of an old system and the upgrade options he suggested to the great instillation team managed by Caleb our job was managed and completed on time with no issues.Any questions from us were always answered and explained with curtesy and a strong knowledge of their products and government legislations.I enjoy the program attached to the SMA sunny boy inverter where I can log on and see direct time information on my solar panels and compare day to day consumption and production.Definitely a worthwhile investment in our home
Karen Perkins
Karen Perkins
02:55 25 Oct 21
Not good at writing but want to shout out for the great experience I had with Expert Electrical’s installation:- Shannon provided a good sales service by sending quotes and answered all my questions in timely manner, also gave me some “tips” to save the installation cost a bit- the installation crews was just amazing! Caleb led the team really well with his professionalism and provided everything that I needed. An efficient and beautiful installationAfter few weeks review I am satisfied with my 6.6kW system. Thank you EE
Frankie Law
Frankie Law
21:11 22 Oct 21
Great customer service, thanks Lee.
Dan Walker
Dan Walker
08:56 22 Oct 21
Phillip Brine
Phillip Brine
02:48 21 Oct 21
We contacted a large number of companies wanting a quote on expanding our current system and adding a battery, out of all the companies we contacted only two took the time to come and speak with us. Of those two, Expert Electrical was the clear winner.From the start Dave Mckone, answered every question we threw at him for near on three hours. Across every aspect of the system, from expanding, replacing, adding a battery, reviewing our past performance with current system and how a battery would fit, the type of batteries we were interested, future growth, all the math and diagrams, warranty process, replacement rates, safety and many more.In the end we had a system we were happy with, all the answers we wanted and a design that suited us perfectly, we signed the contracts a few days later.The team from the out set took care of everything for us and kept us in the loop at all stages, around possible covid restriction, Energex documentation, follow up site visits from other members to confirm placements, organisation of plumbers for installation of a new heat pump, we did not have to perform a single thing.The week of the install, the entire team were amazing, Team Lead Nick kept us informed the entire time each day with what was happening, what would be happening the next day and providing updates on how they were going throughout showing what they had performed and happy to answer any questions we had.The energy of all the team members was amazing to see for the three days they were here, from 7 am till 5, they were polite at all points, even though we gave them full access to the house they still asked to enter at any time.Finally Ben the owner was on site on the final day to perform the final setup, checks and system training and hand over.At no point were there any issues with the install and so far the system has performed exactly as we have expected it to.We would have no issues in recommending them to anyone else, and have already lined them up for future work.
Aus Ghostdog
Aus Ghostdog
09:51 19 Oct 21
Friendly service throughout the whole process, from the onsite quote, through to installation and after sales service. Affordable, friendly and professional
Elise Luck
Elise Luck
23:06 15 Oct 21
Very professional company and staff from start to finish. They were able to offer solutions that suited my needs. Highly recommended.
Eric McIlwain
Eric McIlwain
03:07 07 Oct 21
Great service from Expert Electrical. We look forward to receiving our first bill with not much to pay. Will recommend them to friends and family.
Emily Cornish
Emily Cornish
01:30 04 Oct 21
The team at Expert Electrical were fantastic in providing us with all the information we needed to trust them with building and installing a Solar System that has so far exceeded our expectations, we would highly recommend Expert Electrical to anyone considering solar for their home or business.
Ellen and Vince Thomson
Ellen and Vince Thomson
02:22 25 Sep 21
Expert Electrical resembles Honesty and Excellence. Rest assured that you will be treated professionally by entire team from start to finish. Martina, Maurice and the Team is faultless, and very accomodating. They made the whole process easy, smooth and worry free. 👍 👍👍 keep it up!!! the team is a real gem….
Salvador Cartagena
Salvador Cartagena
00:35 23 Sep 21
Had my solar panels installed about a month ago and so far very happy with it. Have yet to experience large hails and extreme weather conditions but Zack the salesman assured me the panels are top notch to hold extreme Qld weather. Yet to be determined. Nevertheless Zack was informative friendly to deal with. Having an asbestos roof, I wasn't sure if any one decent out there would do the job. I choose expert Expert Electrical as they are local in my neighbourhood should anything go wrong. They made the whole process a breeze and communication was exceptional.
Reggie Vercoe
Reggie Vercoe
09:22 21 Sep 21
What can I say, I was chuffed at how easy Expert Electrical made the whole solar installation process less daunting. The whole team was on to it, from the 1st call from Martina to chatting with Dave about my requirements. The quote I received was very easy to understand. You know it's a good sign when on install day the technician Maurice was on site bright and early. Post service also has been excellent. I am more then happy to recommend Expert Electrical to my friends and family. Thank you again.
Sam Patel
Sam Patel
08:57 21 Sep 21
Good, informed customer service. Efficient installation. Friendly Team. Good value.
Stephen Mellor
Stephen Mellor
05:52 19 Sep 21
Best experience getting solar cheers Expert Electrical
Tessa Jones
Tessa Jones
23:22 17 Sep 21
Highly professional and friendly company, extremely easy to deal with, very happy to recommend .
Dale Dalton
Dale Dalton
00:43 17 Sep 21
After researching for many hours, then getting a few quotes, we finally decided on Expert Electrical Pty Ltd. Glad we did. They promised and then delivered everything they promised. That's a bit unusual. We went for 10 kw on the roof and already we are saving heaps. Morris and the guys were efficient. It only took 1.5 days to complete from start to finish. Ben and Zac who quoted us at the start were very thorough and explained everything clearly. Answered all our questions because we were pretty green. I'd recommend save yourself some money and stress by using Expert because they know Solar installations inside out. Thank you Ben Zac Morris and the great support from Courtney and Martina at the office.
08:42 09 Sep 21
Expert Electrical did a really great job with our solar install, from initial consultation where they gave all the info needed to make a choice, to the installation which was super fast and well done.Price was great too, so they did everything well.
Mike Dalley
Mike Dalley
06:54 07 Sep 21
If you want Great, Trustworthy, Reliable, Professional Service the contact Expert Electrical
Karina MacDonald
Karina MacDonald
02:59 06 Sep 21
Gold Medal performance to Expert Electrical!Big thanks to Dave for the understanding of our requirements and expert explanation of our queries and not pushing into a particular system. To Morris and Team Tasmania for the hassle free install and setup on the day. I could see that they took the time to do it right and even had time to pat the dog. We received a follow up call in the days after to answer any further questions and to check on satisfaction of the system and the whole process. Everyone at Expert Electrical has been polite and professional to deal with. Highly recommend to anyone and would be more than happy to go back for more.
Geoff Greaves
Geoff Greaves
07:33 02 Sep 21
Expert Electrical installed my Solar System and they were very professional and efficient. The System works as it was promised by the staff and am very happy and saving lots of money. Highly recommend!
Steve Simonov
Steve Simonov
22:20 31 Aug 21

Service Programs

Service Programs

From helping you pick the right solution, to installing, to monitoring, to servicing—it’s all part of the Expert Electrical experience. We’re not going anywhere - we’ll be alongside you all the way.



Get a head start on payment with the government scheme for ‘Small Scale Renewable Energy’. And here’s the best part — we do all the hard work for you.Winning!

See Our Work

See Our Work

Another few success stories we'd love to show you...

Got Questions? Ask the Solar Experts...

How does solar work?

Solar panels use the sunlight to create DC power and your inverter converts the DC power into AC electricity to be used within the home. This energy can be used in the home during the day, exported to the grid (if unused) or stored into a battery or electric vehicle.

This depends on your overall household usage and the available space on your roof. Also, whether you install batteries or have an electric vehicle available to store any surplus energy. Most homes use more power at night than during the day (typically, 30% energy is used during the day and 70% during the night).

A typical household with a bill of $500 per quarter would need approximately a 6-8kW solar system to eliminate the bill. As your quarterly energy bills increase you will need to increase the size of your solar system.

The best products to suit your individual needs depends on the following factors:

  • the calibre/quality of the homes in your area
  • the quality of your home/rental property
  • the intended long term use of the home (i.e. rental property vs living in the home for 10+ years)
  • your personal expectation in regards to quality vs price

The only solar system that will continue to provide secure and reliable electricity are those that include battery storage or a bi-directional EV battery.

A rule of thumb is that you will save approximately $65 per quarter for every kW of solar (example: a customer with a $650 quarterly bill would require approximately 10kW of solar to eliminate their bill).

Most new home buyers are expecting solar to be included in their new home. People are now demanding this as a standard feature when once it was considered a luxury.

Home buyers are now becoming very aware of the benefits of running their modern appliances without the shock of the expense. This interest in the market will definitely increase the demand for your property and accordingly the value.

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Total number of installations
  • Will my system be designed and installed by a CEC qualified designer and installer
  • Ask for their Electrical contractors licence number and CEC approved retailer accreditation
  • Where is the head office? Do they have an established business footprint
  • Do they have good online reviews? If not, why?
  • How long are the warranties and the workmanship guarantee?
  • What is the quality of panels, inverters and batteries that you install?
  • Can I come and see you at your office and can you show me the products you recommend?
  • Do you offer cleaning, service and maintenance?
  • Do you offer other products and services such as batteries, electric vehicle charging, off grid, automation, general electrical and air conditioning.

At Expert Electrical we have studied this area extensively and so have our main inverter partner SMA. We have discovered that shading less than 50% on the roof won’t typically require any shade products (i.e. optimisers and micro inverters).

A reputable solar business will take into account shading when calculating your estimated savings from your solar system. If you do have greater than 50% shading then we will discuss optimers or micro inverter products with you to ensure maximum performance from your highly shaded roof.

However, if you choose our preferred German SMA inverter you will automatically receive the in-built software called ‘Shadefix’ that will yield the best results from your shaded panels. Buyer beware of the cheap inferior products in this space!

Pigeons and Possums can become quite a nuisance in ensuring the maintenance and longevity of your solar system. Pigeons and Possums often nest under your panels and play havoc with your wiring and can create overheating issues. Not to mention the mess they often leave under and on the panels!

We can recommend bird proofing options at the time of installation or if it becomes an issue after installation we can clean/service and install the mesh to prevent the situation continuing to occur.

We're More Than Just Solar

Are we claiming too much? We don’t think so. As both accredited electricians and solar specialists, we don’t like the cookie cutter approach. Instead, we partner with you to understand the big electrical picture of your property before any recommendation or installation. That’s what makes us especially good at the non-standard situations. And while we’re talking solar, we can help with any other electrical issue too.

All-inclusive Solar Systems

Renewable energy is the way of the future. Don’t settle for a cheap system that will only last 5 years, when a good quality system, made affordable through rebates, could last you 25 years. Speak to us about asking the right questions before you install solar.

General Electrical

Lights, fans, power upgrades and more. No need to look any further for household electrical services. That includes hooking up your solar system to a switchboard. Use our one-stop shop advantage.

Air Conditioning

Queensland summers—sticky, huh? Stay cool and comfortable with the perfect air con for your home. Whether it's a split system or the more powerful ducted vents, we'll help you weigh the pros and cons to make the best decision.