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Woohoo! You’ve got your own solar power! Is this goodbye?


While many providers say cheers after installation, we stick around for the road ahead. Any question, any time - we’re here to help. And we’ll check in from time to time too.

expert electrical employee doing an inspection of a junction box

System Service and Testing

As with any installation in your home, regular checks keep it healthy. To ensure your solar system lasts the long, long time it’s supposed to, we’ll let you know when services are due. With a quick home visit to test all the vital signs, we’ll make sure everything keeps going strong.

Panel Cleaning

Anything that blocks sunlight makes your solar panels less efficient. Dust, salty air, bird poop and leaves are all culprits.

What to do?

You could wait for rain if your panels are angled, and hope nature does the wash.

You could also clean those panels yourself, but let’s face it, do you really want to risk dancing around on your roof?

Much easier to leave it to people like us who do it all the time.

Just give us a call.

expert electrical employee testing the working status of an air conditioning unit

Performance Review

The hailstorm that sounded like rocks falling from the sky.

Or that old tree branch that eventually did fall off - onto your roof.

If your solar panels are cracked or damaged, you may need to know if the affected panels are still functioning properly. We have specialist testing equipment to assess the panels and their output efficiency.

Need a report for an insurance claim? Too easy. We’re well equipped to provide a thermography report with recommendations.

Energy Audit

What's the biggest drain on your electricity supply—the air con or the pool pump? Are your solar panels still supplying at least 80% energy output?

Sometimes you just need to know all the electrics on your property are operating at their most efficient levels.

A comprehensive audit lets you know what’s working efficiently and what’s not. With specialist testing equipment and our depth of experience in all things electrical, we can take a big picture assessment of your setup. Our recommendations might highlight old appliances that are draining more energy than they should, or simply some suggestions of best times of day to operate appliances for maximum savings.

expert electrical employees discussing solar panels on a monitor screen

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