How batteries make life easier

As the sun goes down, your solar power fades and your household will once again draw power from the grid.

Unless you have batteries.

For clean energy on tap, you can access stored energy when the sun isn’t shining. Simply decide what capacity of stored energy you need for your household, and we’ll add batteries to store that energy. (No worries if you don’t know. We can help you work that out. Too easy.)

  • Have bright night lights powered by solar energy
  • Increase your property value
  • 10-year warranty means no fuss with repairs

Find the perfect system for you, and work out what you'll save

Why Chose Lithium Batteries?

You can recharge a lithium battery thousands of times in its lifespan, which is why we prefer them over lead acid batteries. Not only that, they're safer and have:

  • higher energy density
  • higher voltage capacity
  • lower self-discharge rate

That’s great for you because you’ll have a battery that lasts without losing its efficiency over time. (Did we mention that all our batteries have a 10-year warranty?)

If your household energy demands increase, no problem. Just add another one, or two, or more. They're stackable, which means you can keep adding until you have the right amount of stored power for your needs.

Tesla lithium battery hanging on a wall

BYD Batteries

  • Compatible with multiple inverters
  • Control and communication unit included
  • Stack into towers (like Lego for adults)

HVS (High Voltage Small)

One battery box (which includes 2 - 5 battery modules) will store between 5.1 and 12.8 kilowatt hours of usable capacity. Stack them up and you’ll have 38.4 kilowatt hours of household energy to use, day or night. That means if you had a power outage, you’d be able to run your fridges and lights for a few days on stored power alone.

HVM (High Voltage Medium)

Designed for supplying large properties or multiple buildings, these batteries have the flexibility of starting small with just one battery box (which includes 3 - 8 battery modules) giving you between 8.3 and 22.1 kilowatt hours of usable capacity. Stack up to three battery boxes and you’ll grow your stored energy to 66.2 kilowatt hours. That’s enough to keep several buildings powered for a day or two, come rain or shine. A bit like your very own mini power station.

Sonnen Battery Hybrid 9.53

  • The sonnenBatterie hybrid is a solar battery that provides up to 80 percent of your households’ annual energy requirements.
  • Enjoy clean and affordable energy day and night
  • The sonnenBatterie hybrid 9.53 is a single phase battery that is German designed and engineered. Its modular design allows you to adjust your storage capacity to accommodate any changes to your household energy requirements.

Tesla Powerwalls

  • High-tech energy storage
  • Back up power 24/7
  • Most affordable battery per kWH

Keeping up with modern technology, the Powerwall is our battery of choice. It's one of the most streamlined battery packs which makes it easy to fit discreetly. Battery power will kick in automatically during power outages. No manual switchovers, just a seamless transfer of power supply as soon as you need it.

Sungrow SBR096 Batteries


High Voltage LFP Battery


Up to 30A continuous charging and
discharging current with high efficiency
Up to 100% usable energy


Lithium iron phosphate Battery
Multi-stages protection design and extensive safety certification


Extendable during lifetime
Support 3-8 modules per unit, max. 4 units in parallel, 9–100 kWh capacity range.