There's no better time to get solar panels for your home

Welcome to the renewable energy age.

Listen up—The earlier you take advantage of government rebates, the more you’ll save. But you want to make sure that your system is a sound investment, not one that disappoints in a few years’ time. Depending on the quality of the system, your solar panels could last you 5 years or 25 years.

Inverters, panels, wattage, warranties...there’s a lot to think about.

Which is the best system to choose?

Glad you asked. We love a good design question.

Use our calculator below to start you off, and then contact us to talk more.

  • Watch your electricity bills shrink
  • Nothing cheap and nasty
  • Rebates: the early bird catches the worm

Find the perfect system for you, and work out what you'll save

Solar Panels

We only use what we'd recommend to our grandmothers

You want a guarantee that each panel is well-designed and thoughtfully engineered. Plus, they must tolerate our Queensland hailstorms and salty coastal air. The brands we select come with excellent warranties. Useful accessories like smart monitoring apps to give you more control over your household energy consumption. You’re also guaranteed that the panels will keep producing high energy outputs as they age, even after as long as 30 years.

Our Favourites

A Tried and Tested Brand

The difference between a reputable, quality panel and low-cost panels lies in the details. Monocrystalline cells have a higher output efficiency than polycrystalline. Double glass panes are more weather-resistant and reliable. Tempered glass gives more protection against cracks. Award-winning brand, SolarWatt, ticks all these boxes.

Vision M Series

  • German engineering from SolarWatt
  • 30-year warranty for both product and performance
  • Guaranteed to maintain 87% output for 30 years
  • Specialised glass layers prevent cracks and hot spots
  • Salt and hail resistant

Our Other Favourites

Hyundai Solar Panels

  • One of the most trusted brands globally
  • Monocrystalline cells
  • Weather resistant with tempered glass and reinforced frame
  • Proven cell efficiency of 17-19% (that’s high)
  • Low operating temperature (so it loses less power)
  • 25 year warranty

Seraphim Solar Panels

  • 10-year guarantee on product and workmanship
  • 25-year warranty on power output
  • Proven reliability through hail stones, sand, pH changes, and wind load
  • Dense monocrystalline and polycrystalline cell combination
  • Proven cell efficiency of up to 22.3% (that’s really good)
  • Anti-reflective coating allows more sunlight to be captured
  • Hotspot prevention leading to improved yield over the lifespan

What Our Clients Say

Very early in usage, but so far delighted with the choices of hardware made and company to do the job. Very organised, communicative, professional and pleasant team.
Scott Adamson
Scott Adamson
23:42 01 Dec 21
The process of installing solar panels was a very informative and comfortable experience right from Shannon coming out to sell the product, explain the process to the installation of the panels and follow up from head office to see that I was happy with the performance. I am very happy and would certainly recommend Expert Electrical without hesitation. Thankyou guys.
penne harej
penne harej
08:56 30 Nov 21
From the moment Lee our sales consultant came and then a couple of weeks later the happy crew of Nick, Harry and Grant came and installed our solar panels under difficult weather conditions..We have been very happy with all aspects from purchasing and installing to the great team from customer service.Expert Electrical were recommended to us by NQ Solar in Cairns who installed our system in FNQ which was brilliant.
Cynthia Haydock
Cynthia Haydock
04:16 30 Nov 21
Highly recommend expert electrical, we had issues with our build not being ready and kept getting pushed back, but they were more then happy to work with us 🙂 then once we got the keys they did the solar within a week so they were super fast and very friendly and explained the whole thing to me each step of the way!! Massive thanks to Nick and the team for the install and chris for getting us started 🙂 great job team
May anne Stuart
May anne Stuart
01:26 30 Nov 21
Expert Electrical installed our solar panel system. The quoting process was straightforward and clear. Ben made it easy for us to understand our options. The install process was well managed. The team were professional and punctual. They also helped with setting up the grid connection. The outcome is that we have a fantastic Solar system that is saving us money every day! Thankyou to everyone at Expert Electrical.
Aaron Jeffrey
Aaron Jeffrey
00:15 29 Nov 21
Very professional, efficient and knowledgeable operation out of Expert Electrical. Zack promptly came to give us a quote and answered our endless questions with no dramas. We instantly felt comfortable going with EE and were just as pleased with the installation and post-install customer service from Martina and Ben. 10/10 recommend
Mandy A
Mandy A
20:29 28 Nov 21
The team at Expert Electrical did an excellent job - the process from the first visit through to installation was seamless. The team was highly professional, genuine and not sales driven. Shannon and Martina were quick and clear with communication, and the installation team were great. Would definitely recommend!
Sam Netterfield
Sam Netterfield
04:47 24 Nov 21
Very happy with the install. Punctual and professional staff.
Heather Hume
Heather Hume
13:45 23 Nov 21
Had a great 8kW system installed by Expert Electrical. Well balanced and performing well. Installation day ran smoothly!
Dean Thomas
Dean Thomas
08:30 23 Nov 21
Ben and the team at Expert Electrical are very efficient and communication was second to none. Outstanding service with a fantastic product.
Matthew Glennon
Matthew Glennon
10:31 18 Nov 21
Absolutely recommend Expert Electrical! From start to finish they were fantastic, professional and organised! I can definitely say that they have thought of the customer throughout the whole process, which is very hard to come by! Great work team!
Melissa Winter
Melissa Winter
04:38 14 Nov 21
I found Ben of Expert Electrical competitive on price when comparing apples with apples i.e. with others who have a regular office & shopfront who you can contact in the event of needing to exercise any equipment warranty. He also has an enthusiasm for the industry and its future and was well across latest and likely future developments, providing technical and economic advice appropriate to my particular property and my intended and likely possible future usage. I felt he and his company were going somewhere. Installers Nick and his team of Grant & Harrison quickly got around initial unexpected setbacks and completed the installation on a day that started out rainy, causing me to think they would have no chance. All his team were happy, courteous and keen to resolve any questions/ issues. I am happy to recommend them to others considering installing solar systems.
Steve McGrath
Steve McGrath
04:03 12 Nov 21
Fantastic service from start to finish and completely hasssle free install. Caleb and his team did a great job and after install support has been great. Highly recommend the team
01:52 11 Nov 21
The team are fantastic, to quality workmanship from start to finish with a great team supporting them. We'll done everyone at Expert Electrical.
Paul Price
Paul Price
02:11 05 Nov 21
An outstanding solar provider that prides itself on quality outcomes for their clients. Highly recommend.
Brad McLennan
Brad McLennan
23:56 03 Nov 21
Julie O’Shannessy recommends Expert Electrical. Their Term did a great job installing our new Solar System. Excellent service right from the start with information about different types of solar Panel packages. To make our choice easier. Excellent service could not fault them.
julie o'shannessy
julie o'shannessy
23:26 03 Nov 21
Super happy with our new solar set up by expert electrical. From quoting with Shannon to installation with Caleb & Ollie, they exceeded my expectations. Everyone was super friendly and always happy to answer my one million questions! Know that I’ve got a great system now and really happy with it!
Stephanie McIntyre
Stephanie McIntyre
03:57 02 Nov 21
The quote was seamless and professional.Installation of the panels was completed in about 6 hours, and worked around us doing land work at the same time!
Daniel Hooper
Daniel Hooper
23:03 26 Oct 21
100% happy with the Expert Electrical team, great service and installation went smoothly.
david vines
david vines
20:51 26 Oct 21
The friendly and competent Expert Electrical team configured a PV system meeting our requirements at a competitive price. A big plus is their customer service before and after the installation that made the process easy and smooth.
Vera Geng
Vera Geng
07:41 25 Oct 21
Would recommend Expert Electrical to anyone looking at placing Solar panels on their home.They are a friendly professional company who were so easy to deal with.From our initial conversations with Joran around the replacement of an old system and the upgrade options he suggested to the great instillation team managed by Caleb our job was managed and completed on time with no issues.Any questions from us were always answered and explained with curtesy and a strong knowledge of their products and government legislations.I enjoy the program attached to the SMA sunny boy inverter where I can log on and see direct time information on my solar panels and compare day to day consumption and production.Definitely a worthwhile investment in our home
Karen Perkins
Karen Perkins
02:55 25 Oct 21

Service Programs

Service Programs

Helping you pick the right solution, installing, monitoring and servicing—it’s all part of the Expert Electrical experience. We’re not going anywhere—we’ll be alongside you all the way.



Get a head start on payment with the government scheme for ‘Small Scale Renewable Energy’. And here’s the best part — we do all the hard work for you.Winning!

See Our Work

See Our Work

Another few success stories we'd love to show you...

Ask the Solar Experts...

How does off grid solar work?

Similar to grid connected solar, solar panels use the sunlight to create DC power and your inverter converts the DC power into AC electricity to be used within the home.

The difference between an on grid system and an off grid system is that the energy is stored into the off grid batteries. Once the battery is full the solar power output will be reduced back to your consumption level.

When there is a situation whereby there is insufficient sunlight and the battery storage is consumed, the battery inverter will automatically trigger the generator to charge the battery back up to a preferred ‘state of charge’. This is why an off grid system is more reliable than the electricity grid.

As a rule of thumb we recommend the following system sizes to suit your dwelling:

  1. 1 bedroom home - we recommend a 5.5kW solar system with 8 kWh battery storage
  2. 2 bedroom home - we recommend a 7.7kW solar system with 12kWh battery storage
  3. 3 bedroom home - we recommend a 9.9kW solar system with 16kWh battery storage

As a rule of thumb we recommend the following generator size to suit your dwelling:

  1. 1 bedroom home - we recommend a 3.5KVA generator
  2. 2 bedroom home - we recommend a 5KVA generator
  3. 3 bedroom home - we recommend a 8KVA generator

Historically, lithium batteries were considered too expensive and the lead acid batteries were the flavour of choice. However, these days - “Lead is Dead”.

This is due to lithium batteries typically having a 10 year warranty and they have a 80% discharge ability everyday (deeper & faster discharge ability). They are more forgiving and through improved technology Lithium is becoming more environmentally friendly.

Lead Acid Batteries typically only have a maximum 5 year warranty and need to be treated with great care to get maximum benefit from their shelf life. They are also detrimental to human health and the environment if mistreated.

This does depend on the customers daily consumption levels but we recommend there to be at least 1-3 days storage available.

However, note that in a situation where the system cannot work as efficiently (i.e. poor weather), you can make significant temporary changes to non-essential appliances which will ensure the longevity of your stored energy.

If all else fails, you can rely on the generator to lift the battery storage back to a desired state of charge.

Most new home buyers are expecting solar to be included in their new home. People are now demanding this as a standard feature when once it was considered a luxury.

Home buyers are now becoming very aware of the benefits of running their modern appliances without the shock of the expense. This interest in the market will definitely increase the demand for your property and accordingly the value.

Another point to note is that a good quality off grid system will ensure you have more reliable power than the electricity grid. If you live in an area that experiences black outs regularly then an off grid system will add long term value to your property.

  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. Will my system be designed and installed by a CEC qualified designer and installer?
  3. Ask for their Electrical contractors licence number and CEC approved retailer accreditation
  4. Where is the head office? Do they have an established business footprint
  5. Do they have good online reviews? If not, why?
  6. How long are the warranties and the workmanship guarantee?
  7. What is the quality of panels, inverter and batteries that you install?
  8. Can I come and see you at your office and can you show me the products you recommend?
  9. Do you offer cleaning, service and maintenance? For an off grid system, how long does it take to get support in a situation where my system is not working?
  10. How many off grid systems have you installed?
  11. How long have you been installing off grid systems and the locations?
  12. Could they provide you with examples/referrals to other off grid work they have installed?

When planning the building layout on your lovely leafy green property - you will need to consider how much shading you might have from nearby trees.

Some solutions will be to move the dwelling to a more desirable location, cut back some of the problem trees or relocate the panels onto a ground mount system.

We're More Than Just Solar

Are we claiming too much? We don’t think so. As both accredited electricians and solar specialists, we don’t like the cookie cutter approach. Instead, we partner with you to understand the big electrical picture of your property before any recommendation or installation. That’s what makes us especially good at the non-standard situations. And while we’re talking solar, we can help with any other electrical issue too.

General Electrical

Lights, fans, power upgrades and more. No need to look any further for household electrical services. That includes hooking up your solar system to a switchboard. Use our one-stop shop advantage.

Air Conditioning

Queensland summers—sticky, huh? Stay cool and comfortable with the perfect air con for your home. Whether it's a split system or the more powerful ducted vents, we'll help you weigh the pros and cons to make the best decision.