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It Takes Three to Solar Up Off Grid - Panels, inverter and batteries

Battery power means you get renewable energy on tap. If you’re looking to disconnect from the grid, batteries are essential. The bonus, of course, is that you’re reducing pollution caused by coal-fired power use, while shrinking your electricity bills right down.

Batteries and inverters need to be compatible, and that’s where we can help. We’ll partner with you to design a robust, flexible system that can upscale if needed, while remaining neat and compact.

  • Use energy from your solar panels day AND night
  • Save up to 80% on energy costs
  • Minimise your carbon footprint

Find the perfect system for you, and work out what you'll save

Why Chose Lithium Batteries?

You can recharge a lithium battery thousands of times in its lifespan, which is why we prefer them over lead acid batteries. Not only that, they're safer and have:

  • higher energy density
  • higher voltage capacity
  • lower self-discharge rate

That’s great for you because you’ll have a battery that lasts without losing its efficiency over time. (Did we mention that all our batteries have a 10-year warranty?)

If your household energy demands increase, no problem. Just add another one, or two, or more. They're stackable, which means you can keep adding until you have the right amount of stored power for your needs.

three large black BYD batteries sitting on the floor, connected to three sunny boy inverters

BYD Batteries

  • Use with an SMA Sunny Islands inverter
  • Control and communication unit included
  • Stack into towers (like Lego for adults)

LVS (Low Voltage Small)

Each of these batteries stores up to 4kW hours of usable capacity. Stack them up and you get as many as 23kW hours at any given moment, day or night. That means if you had a power outage, you’d be able to run your fridges and lights for a few days on stored power alone.

LVL (Low Voltage Large)

Designed for supplying large properties or multiple buildings, these batteries have the flexibility of starting small with just one box of 15.4kW hours of usable capacity and growing to 983kW hours—up to 64 stacked batteries. That’s enough to keep a small residential island powered for a day or two, come rain or shine.

A bit like your very own mini power station.

Powerplus Batteries

  • Australian-made
  • Cost-effective
  • Unlimited capacity

Made in Australia, these batteries are tough enough to withstand our Queensland hail and cyclones, but still very user-friendly. Best of all, their pricing outperforms all other products. Up to 20 batteries can be stacked in one cabinet, and you can keep adding cabinets. That means you could have enough stored power to run your lights and fridges for several days without generating electricity.

Tesla Powerwalls

  • High-tech energy storage
  • Back up power 24/7
  • Most affordable battery per kWH

Keeping up with modern technology, the Powerwall is our battery of choice. It's one of the most streamlined battery packs which makes it easy to fit discreetly. Battery power will kick in automatically during power outages. No manual switchovers, just a seamless transfer of power supply as soon as you need it.