An independent power supply needs good planning

It can feel risky pulling the plug on mainstream power supply. To make sure you’re never left without support, we’ve established a comprehensive off-grid service that won’t let you down. It’s been working for over ten years and gets better with time.

Every remote or off-grid property is different. You might be on a remote island, or in suburbia. You might want to power one small house or multiple buildings.

First, we’ll listen. Starting with a detailed assessment of your property’s energy requirements, we’ll make recommendations. Then we’ll design a system that suits your location, property size, energy usage and other details unique to your situation.

Inverters, solar panels, generators, warranties ... there’s a lot to think about.

  • Peace of mind knowing off-grid system design is our speciality
  • Ongoing support after installation means you’ll never be left stranded
  • Protect the environment by using sustainable energy

Inverters & Panels

  • Warrantied brands that provide ongoing support
  • Perfect choices for Queensland weather
  • Special technology for shaded areas

With the sun as your major source of power on an off-grid property, you want a guarantee that your model of solar panel is well-designed, robust and thoughtfully engineered. You also want to be sure the inverter—the brain of your solar system—will reliably transform sun power from the panels into electricity that your home can use, while sending excess energy to the batteries for storage.

Both the panels and inverters must tolerate our Queensland hailstorms and salty coastal air to keep performing well as they age. Thankfully, years on the job have narrowed down our favourite brands. The high-quality products we use come with excellent warranties and include smart monitoring apps for control over your household energy consumption.

three large black BYD batteries sitting on the floor, connected to three sunny boy inverters


  • Power bright lights and other appliances, even when it’s dark
  • With stackable battery options, you’ll always have enough stored energy
  • 10-year warranty means no fuss with maintenance or repairs

As the sun goes down, solar power fades. If you’re not connected to the grid, you’re back to candles.

Unless you have batteries.

Essential for off-grid designs, batteries facilitate a seamless power transition as night approaches. We’ll add batteries to store the capacity that your household needs to stay fully powered when the sun isn’t shining—fridges, air con, lights and all. And as an added assurance, the lithium batteries we use don’t lose efficiency over time.


  • Non-stop power when there’s no sun
  • Automatic switch-on
  • No worries when using high power appliances

A generator is your guarantee of a successful contingency plan. It’s the final touch in making your property reliably self-sufficient. Your generator uses fuel, so it doesn’t need the sun. We’ll design your off-grid system to keep generator run times to a minimum. That way, associated costs stay low and your household appliances continue to work, even if there’s no sun or battery power has run low.

expert electrical employee tinkering with a hyundai generator

Experience in installation and managing off-grid properties

  • Over 10 years’ experience in off-grid systems
  • Combined electrician and solar expertise
  • Committed to the Clean Energy Council code of conduct

Off-grid system design has always been the special interest of our head electrician, Ben. With an apprenticeship in off-grid power supply on remote beach islands, and a further 15 years of putting off-grid designs to the test, you won’t find a better electrician or team to take care of your transition to off-grid power.

Unlike amateurs in the industry, our accreditation as electricians means we can go the extra mile: we’ll install your solar power and connect up a switchboard too. No need to find another service to channel all that clean, green energy into powering your property safely.

And we don’t disappear once we’re done. We’re committed to providing support before, during and after any installation.

We're more than just solar

Are we claiming too much? We don’t think so. As both accredited electricians and solar specialists, we don’t like the cookie cutter approach. Instead, we partner with you to understand the big electrical picture of your property before any recommendation or installation. That’s what makes us especially good at the non-standard situations. And while we’re talking solar, we can help with any other electrical issue too.

General Electrical

Lights, fans, power upgrades and more. No need to look any further for household electrical services. That includes hooking up your solar system to a switchboard. Use our one-stop shop advantage.

All-inclusive Solar Systems

Renewable energy is the way of the future. Don’t settle for a cheap system that will only last 5 years, when a good quality system, made affordable through rebates, could last you 25 years. Speak to us about asking the right questions before you install solar.