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We’re experts at supplying and installing off-grid systems. One of our directors and Head Electrician, Ben kicked off his career as a solar specialist building off-grid systems. With years upon years of experience, he knows just about everything when it comes to off-grid systems. Expert Electrical has installed these solar systems all over Australia, from regional Tasmania through to Far North Queensland. We’re experienced in lead-acid and lithium technologies and we have the expert knowledge to assist you in building an effective system.


How do you size off-grid solar systems?
Because PV is a cheaper option and batteries tend to be much more expensive, we recommend oversizing your PV. This way, even on an overcast day your system should produce enough power to change the batteries and power your home or business.


Which is better: lithium or lead-acid?
Lithium batteries are new, so their design is more ‘in this era’ than lead-acid batteries. There are traditional installers who recommend lead-acid but at Expert Electrical we’re of the opinion that lead-acid is dead and lithium is in. When shopping for the right battery it’s important to analyse the cost per ‘usable watt’. You may see a company offer 13.8kw of lithium batteries and another offer 30kw of lead-acid batteries. At face value, the 30kw lead batteries seem like the better option – it’s double the amount of storage. What isn’t obvious is that for a lead-acid battery to last close to ten years, it constantly needs to be above 70% charge. So the ‘usable’ kwh is actually more like 9kwh. A good quality 13.8kwh lithium battery comes with a ten year warranty and a 90% discharge rate, leaving you with 12.4kwh usable.


Which off-grid system does Expert Electrical recommend?
At Expert Electrical the only solar system we recommend for going off-grid is SMA. SMA is a German inverter company that’s leading the way in terms of going off grid. Their Sunny Island battery inverter is German made and has an intelligent, sturdy design. This system will keep your home running for decades.


Pair it with a BYD B-Box Pro 13.8kw lithium-ion battery. We love this battery because it’s an absolute beast. It comes fully warranted, has a 95% discharge rate, as well as a sky-high charge and discharge rate. So, you can draw 27kwh out of it and its warranty won’t be affected. For added security and peace of mind, add in some Monocrystalline solar panels with a 10 year workmanship warranty – then you’ll have a comprehensive off-grid system that’s covered entirely for 10 years.


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