Stay Powered Up While the Sun’s Down

How batteries add value

As the sun goes down, your solar power fades and you’ll once again draw power from the grid.

Not if you have batteries.

Battery power gives you clean energy on tap, accessible night or day, rain or shine.

  • Equipment that operates 24/7 can run on stored energy when the sun isn’t shining
  • Fridge containers can keep going through the night without chewing up power from the grid.
  • In a blackout, essential appliances can be powered for days on battery power

Simply decide what capacity of stored energy you need for your operations, and we’ll build battery towers to store that energy.

  • Solar energy day AND night
  • Upscale storage capacity at any time
  • Impress customers with clean energy stats

Find your perfect system, and work out your savings

Tesla Powerwalls

  • Hi-tech energy storage
  • Back up power 24/7
  • Most affordable battery per kWH

Keeping up with modern technology, the Powerwall is our battery of choice. It's one of the most streamlined battery packs which makes it easy to fit discreetly. Battery power kicks in automatically during power outages. No manual switchovers, just a seamless transfer of power supply as soon as you need it.

three large black BYD batteries sitting on the floor, connected to three sunny boy inverters

BYD Batteries

  • Use with an SMA Sunny Islands inverter
  • Control and communication unit included
  • Stack into towers to grow capacity


Each of these batteries stores up to 4kW hours of usable capacity. Stack them up and you get as many as 23kW hours at any given moment, day or night. That means if you had a power outage, you’d be able to run your fridges and lights for a few days on stored power alone.


Designed for supplying large properties or multiple buildings, these batteries have the flexibility of starting small with just one box of 15.4kW hours of usable capacity and growing to 983kW hours—up to 64 stacked batteries. That’s enough to keep a small residential island powered for a day or two, come rain or shine.
A bit like your very own mini power station.