Air Conditioning Designed to Last

End your air conditioning worries now

It’s another one of those big investments. You know it will add value to your commercial property, but you don’t want another appliance that could malfunction or break down.

We’ve been around for over a decade now, developing designs and procedures that have proven themselves. When you work with us, you’ll partner with one of our professionals to find the best fit for your business and your budget. Plus, because we don’t use dodgy products, we can guarantee you won’t end up with something that lets you down.

  • Tried and trusted installations for over a decade
  • Get a quality system that lasts
  • Before and after service - we’re here for you
Expert electrical employee advising commercial client on air conditioners

Expert advice on tap

  • The type of model best suited to your business
  • Systems that run quietly, with energy efficiency
  • Best solutions for upgrades or repairs

There’s no cookie cutter solution.

Is ducted or split system the best for the size of your rooms?

Will it blow the budget?

Can your commercial electrical setup cope with it?

If you want a solution that covers all bases, leaving nothing to regret afterwards, give us a call.

Split and Multi-split systems

  • Best for smaller offices and rooms
  • Wall mounted or floor standing
  • One or multiple systems

You’ll generally have no-mess-no-fuss experiences with split systems. They’re simple and cost-effective, as long as you use a quality brand. The fan is fitted inside the building, and a compressor outside. Choose different options depending on the size of the space. And, of course, if a solution is not straightforward, we’re here to help you find it.

expert electrical employee setting up a multi split air conditioning system
air conditioning ducts on the ceiling of a commercial office space

Ducted air systems

  • Barely visible
  • Quickly cool or heat an entire building
  • Up to 16 zones

Ducted air is effective for larger spaces because it’s a more powerful system. A big advantage is not having the electrical units indoors, so it’s good for aesthetics. The bonus of zoning is the option of different temperatures in different rooms, keeping all your workers happy.

Cleaning and Servicing

  • Scheduled servicing
  • Breathe healthy air in your workplace
  • Keep your air con going for longer

Those Queensland geckos get in everywhere. Besides their deposits getting in the vents, dust and mould like to collect there too. A regular service means the air you breathe is not carrying tiny lurgies.

We’ll keep you breathing good quality air by cleaning filters, coils and louvres. We’ll also check the refrigerant levels, electrics, the thermostat, indoor and outdoor units, and the drainage. It’s all part of the Expert Electrical package.

Find your perfect system, and work out your savings