Safeguard your future power supply

When you depend on energy supply for business operation, electricity price hikes can have massive impact on your bottom line.

That is… unless your business secures its own reliable source of clean, green energy.

Using solar energy to power your business is one of the smartest investments you can make, especially in Queensland. (No need to be the aircon control freak any longer.) Not only that—you’re increasing your Greenstar rating and the value of your building…and getting paid for it.

As an enterprising business owner, you probably already know all this. But now the question is, which system is the best value for money over the long term?

Glad you asked. We have some ideas you might like to hear.

  • Safeguard your business from power price hikes
  • Shrink your operating costs
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

Find your perfect system, and work out your savings

Solar Panels

  • No costly mistakes—expert large-scale designs
  • Set-and-forget with top shelf brands and warranties
  • Service before and after means you won’t ever be left stranded

Have you ever received a 30 or 40-page commercial solar quote? Making sense of the graphs and detail can give you a headache. Having been around for over a decade, we know how to make this easier. We’ll walk you through the prices, the products and the design, making sure everything is clear and you’re confident that the system will do what it says it will.

For a comprehensive overview of the pros and cons of different systems, speak to one of our accredited electricians.

Rebates make it even more affordable, and we take the hard work out of that too.

three large black BYD batteries sitting on the floor, connected to three sunny boy inverters

Battery Power

  • Solar energy day AND night
  • Upscale storage capacity at any time
  • Impress customers with clean energy stats

When you can’t afford a moment’s delay on operations, battery power ensures energy on tap, sun or no sun. We’ll partner with you to design a robust, compatible system that can upscale if needed, while remaining neat and compact.

Air Conditioning

  • Heating or cooling for any workplace size
  • Peace of mind with our proven track record
  • Responsive before-and-after support

Are your workers exposed to warm worksites like warehouses or underground mines? Keeping your workers cool or warm could be a workplace health and safety issue, or could simply optimise their productivity. Keeping customers cool will add to their positive experience of your business.

Whatever your air conditioning needs on large or small scale, we’ll work with you to find the solution that will have lasting impact.

expert electrical employee setting up an air conditioning system at a commercial property

Service Programs

Service Programs

Design, installation, monitoring and servicing—it’s all part of the Expert Electrical package. We’re not going anywhere—we’ll be alongside you all the way.

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