Commercial Solar

Why choose solar

Integrating solar energy in your business is great, not just for the environment and your bank, but for your business too. Using solar energy commercially can halve your electricity bill and save you thousands throughout the year. It saves the environment too as it’s a sustainable and renewable energy that doesn’t release carbon emissions. For a business though, integrating solar energy shows your business is committed to helping the environment and using an environmentally friendly energy source.

Solar for businesses

Solar panels integrated in commercial settings are normally twice as efficient as residential panels. Commercial solar systems pay for themselves in savings long before a residential system would. This is because the scope between solar in residential settings and commercial settings is quite different. Residential settings usually have a smaller available roof space and they generate less power. Commercial solar panels are typically wider and generate more power.


The Australian government offers incentives to business owners looking to install solar systems commercially. Under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES), small businesses across Australia that install small-scale renewable energy systems may be able to receive a benefit to help with the purchase cost.

Our solar team will work with you and your business to design and build a solar system that effectively reflects your usage and budget.


How can commercial solar power benefit my business?
Solar power provides a host of benefits to your business. The most significant benefits are of course the savings on your electricity bill and lessening your contribution to greenhouse gasses. Added benefits come from receiving ‘Green Accreditation’, so consumers can make informed decisions when choosing your company.


What is the ROI like for commercial solar systems?
As an estimate, commercial solar systems should pay for themselves in savings within four to six years after installation. How much of a return you receive from your solar system depends on a number of factors. Factors that impact your ROI are: your energy usage, your electricity rates, and how much you paid for your commercial solar system.


What maintenance does a solar system need?
Scheduled maintenance can be arranged with your installation team, but isn’t always necessary. All users need to do with their commercial solar system is monitor the output and ensure the system is working as it should.


How much roof space do I need for a solar system?
Panel sizes can vary but are typically sized at one metre wide by 1.7 metres high in commercial applications. During installation, two metres per row is usually required, a bit extra may be required if the panels are mounted on a flat roof. Allowing one metre per panel is a good rule of thumb for initial estimates.


Are solar systems a one size fits all application?
No, solar systems differ from house to house and from business to business. Factors to consider when designing and installing a commercial solar system are: the business’ energy usage, what kind of battery storage will be appropriate, and how much roof space is available.



At Expert Electrical we know how overwhelming choosing a solar system can be so we’ve collated all of our knowledge into our handy Solar Buyer’s Guide so you can be an expert too.

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