20kW Solar System on Five Faces

Solar panels on rooftop

20kW Solar System on Five Faces

Kippa-Ring, QLD

65 x 320W Solarwatt Panels, 20kW SMA STP Inverter, SMA Home Manager

This visually appealing installation was completed by Jack and Chris in July 2020. This Installation is a perfect example of how we work with a difficult roof with many faces. We didn’t shy away from a large 20kW system!

The best components with a quality installation were the instructions we received from this home owner on the Peninsula. German made SOLARWATT panels were the obvious choice.

Their double glass construction and the quality assurance that comes with the 30 year warranties and being German made meant we had a satisfied customer. Paired with an SMA Sunny Boy three phase inverter, this installation is the epitome of quality.

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