18kW Solar System & 11kW BYD Storage

Solar panels on rooftop

18kW Solar System & 11kW BYD Storage

Alderley, QLD

First Installation: 40 x 295W Solarwatt Panels, 10kW Three-Phase Inverter, Second Installation: 19 x 320W Solarwatt Panels, 6kW SMA Three-Phase Inverter, 5kW SMA Sunny Boy Storage, 11kW BYD HVM Battery Storage, SMA Automatic Back Up Unit, SMA Home Manager

This inner city installation was completed by Ben in November 2019 and then a additional system added in December 2020. This Installation is a perfect example of how a home can store their energy power into batteries during the day and then consume this power come night time!

The best components have been used in this high end inner city installation. German made SOLARWATT panels were the obvious choice.

Their double glass construction and the quality assurance that comes with the 30 year warranties and being German made meant we had a satisfied customer. Paired with an SMA Sunny Boy three phase inverter and SMA Sunny Boy Storage to ensure maximum benefit from the BYD batteries.

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