13.3kW Solar System & Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery

Solar panels on rooftop

13.3kW Solar System & Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery

Roma, QLD

38 x 350W Hyundai Panels, 10kW SMA Three-Phase Inverter, SMA Home Manager, Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery, Three Phase Upgrade

There was nothing spared on this Roma installation. This Installation is a perfect example of how a home can be upgraded to three phase power and the system maximised for to gain full advantage of the space on the roof and the Tesla Battery!

The extremely reliable Hyundai Panel was used on this installation. The Hyundai panel is an all black shingle panel with a 25 year warranty. A great panel to pair with a three phase upgrade and SMA inverter to ensure maximum usage of the space of the roof. Any excess power is feeding directly into the 13.5kW Tesla Powerall Wall 2 battery.

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