At Expert Electrical we are Off-Grid EXPERTS!

Benjamin Jones our Head Electrician and one of the company directors began his career as a solar specialist in the mid-2000’s as an apprentice, working mostly on Moreton island building off-grid systems.

Expert Electrical has installed Dozens of residential and commercial off-grid solar systems all over the country. from, regional Tasmania to Canberra to Roma to FNQ – 

With plenty of experience in Lead Acid and lithium technologies Expert electrical has the knowledge to help you build the correct system for your needs. 


Old school off-grid installers still stand by the old-fashioned methodology of 3 full days of battery storage and a smaller PV system. This concept was introduced when a single solar panel cost over $1,000 and the battery was the cheaper component.  Nowadays with PV being the cheaper avenue and batteries being far more expensive our recommendation is to oversize the PV so that even on an overcast day your system will produce enough power to charge the batteries and power your home.


Lithium batteries are the new boys on the block and some old school installers still recommend LEAD but at Expert Electrical we believe Lead batteries are dead technology.

When considering batteries it is important to analyze cost per USABLE WATT. One company may offer 30kw of Lead batteries and another company may offer 13.8kw of Lithium batteries, at first glance the  30kw seems like FAR more storage…. 

But hidden in the details is , kWh- for a Lead battery to get close to lasting 10 years, you do NOT want to go below 70% charge EVER. This means the usable kWh is actually 9kwh.  Whereas a good quality 13.8kwh lithium-ion battery that comes with a 10-year warranty and a 90% discharge rate, gives you 12.4 usable kwh.

In my experience, 13.8kw of lithium is much cheaper than 30kw of lead….

Our Recommendations:

When going off-grid Expert Electrical only recommends one system…


The German inverter company is the king of OFF-Grid. Their German made Sunny Island has the brains and the braun to get your home running smoothly for decades. We recommend pairing that with a BYD B-Box Pro 13.8kw Lithium-ion battery. This baby is a BEAST! fully warranted for over 95% discharge rate. and a sky-high charge and discharge rate. You can draw 27kwh out of this bad boy and not affect it’s warranty. Throw in a large array of quality Monocrystalline solar panels and a 10-year workmanship warranty and you’ve got yourself a 10year warranted system.

sunny island 6.0H and a BYD-B-BOX PRO 13.8kwh Lithium ion battery.