Battery Storage

People Always say, “When batteries come down in price more…”

Over the past three years, the cost of batteries has plummetted. Whether for Offgrid functions or for Hybrid grid-connected applications there is an affordable battery in the market for you.

BYD BBox Pro 13.8kw lithium ion battery rack installed FROM $9,900 inc GST


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ABC Catalyst – Battery Powered Homes

Interested In Home Energy Storage?

Solar Plus Energy Storage

Expert Electrical offers high quality competitively priced Lithium home energy storage solutions from leading companies such as:


LG Chem, BYD, Sonnen, Samsung, Sungrow, Fronius and Tesla.

We can also offer alternative battery technologies from companies such as:

Ecoult, Narada, Ecoult, Redflow, Aquion, BAE, Sonnenschein

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