Air Conditioning

Mitsubishi HI 2.5kw split system fully installed FROM: $1,400 *

* Conditions apply – Brisbane area only with back to back install

Mitsubishi HI 3.5kw split system fully installed FROM: $1,550*

* Conditions apply – Brisbane area only with back to back install

Mitsubishi HI 5kw split system fully installed FROM: $1,900*

* Conditions apply – Brisbane area only with back to back install

Mitsubishi HI 7.1kw split system fully installed FROM: $2,300*

Split System Air Conditioners

Split system units are the most popular choice for existing housing or when the area requiring cooling is smaller or quite specific. They are also popular for their relative ease of installation, minimal cost, and small space requirements. Split system air conditioners still offer the opportunity to heat your home in winter with a reverse
cycle unit.

With minimal space requirements possible as the condenser (similar to a ducted system condenser but smaller) is positioned outside the home in a discreet place. The internal portion of a split system air conditioning unit these days comes in a range of stylish designs to compliment the decor of your home. They allow for an amount of personal flexibility as they can be mounted on the wall, ceiling, console or bulkhead.

As well as these appealing factors split system units these days come in a range of attractive styles and designs able to match and compliment your homes decor.

Split System Advice

Split System units offer a cost effective option to cooling one or multiple areas of your home. They are often a great option to simply cool a lounge room or bedroom.

When purchasing a split system air conditioner for your home it is essential you get the correct advice. Expert Electrical’s sales consultants can visit your home to discuss your best options. Different size rooms and different areas of homes require different size units and will have specific installation requirements, all of which need to be considered.

Let a Expert Electrical specialist take the guess work out of this big decision. With the correct advice, professional installation and the best after sales service and advice in the industry, Expert Electrical will help make your home a haven from the heat of long hot summers for years to come.

Ducted Air Conditioning

A Expert Electrical Ducted air conditioning solution is specifically designed for you and your Brisbane home by our experienced residential sales consultants.

Ducted air conditioning provides a discreet, slick and unobtrusive way to effectively cool your home by hiding the unit outside out of view. Conditioned dehumidified air is then pumped into your home via ducts and vents placed in the ceilings, walls or floors, wherever they are required to supply optimal airflow to the home.

Rooms (and combinations of rooms) can be divided up into zones effectively allowing you to choose which areas are cooled and which are not at any one time. This allows for cost efficient cooling of the property as you can cool living areas during the day and bedrooms at night.


Zone Your Home

Ducted zone control is a cost effective alternative to installing multiple units across a residential or commercial space. A ducted air conditioner can be utilised to heat or cool your home to your preferences, sending conditioned air to the areas you know will benefit from ducted comfort. Running expenses are a real concern for many customers; ducted zone control empowers you to regulate your own space according the unique needs of your home or business.

What is Zone Control?

Zone control allows you to control your ducted air conditioning by room or area, for instance during the day you may spend the majority of your time in the living room and you may have one side of your home that gets hotter than the other.

A well planned zone controlled system can allow you to be as economical and eco friendly as possible, whilst living in comfort. You can also sleep safe in the knowledge that your only using the energy you need.

Types of Zone Control System

There are lots of options for your Zone Control System, from simple push button on/off controls to individual zone temperature control systems that can be controlled via Wi-Fi and smart phone/tablet connectivity for the more tech savvy users.

Why Go Ducted?

Another advantage to ducted systems is that they run very quietly. During winter they can just as effectively be used to heat your home using an energy efficient system of extracting heat from outside and ducting it into the house. Some systems even have App based connectivity so that you can select to cool your home before you return from work.

A fully personalised system can be installed into new homes as part of the plans but any home can be retrofitted with an engineer designed fully ducted system with a minimum of fuss.

To hear more about Expert Electrical’s fully ducted systems fill out the contact form on this page or call our head office in Brisbane on (07) 31953633