Who wants a discount of 70%!?

Tesla is suggesting its new gigafactory (that is an awfully big factory) will massively drop the price of batteries significantly.  Who are Tesla and what does it mean to you?
Tesla are the American company who are responsible for one of the most successful full electric cars that have been constantly in the news.  This car is quicker than a sportscar, is almost silent when being driven and requires no fuel with a battery that will allow a driving range of up to 500klms.  While the price of the Tesla S is beyond the means of most households the technology used in these batteries will revolutionise homes. 
Imagine having your solar system feed a Powerwall battery that meets your power needs at night.  Effectively homes with this type of system could go off the grid and save a fortune each quarter.  Brown outs and blackouts would be a thing of the past.  For those people who are keen to support an environmentally sustainable solution the Powerwall represents a clean way for homes to enjoy their current lifestyle while having no harmful impacts on the environment.
Before the gigafactory the technology was too expensive for the average home but if the prices drop as much as predicted, they will become very affordable and households will be able to pay off their new electrical independence quickly and sustainably.  Contact us at Expert Electrical for more information on this exciting change!