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At Expert Electrical our aim is to provide our clients and partners with quality service and a high level of professionalism.
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Want to stay cool this summer while saving money on your electrical bills? At Expert Electrical we have helped hundreds of customers like you keep their energy costs permanently under control. We can also provide you with an air-conditioning system that is affordable now and in the future. Call us now to have a chat with our experienced technicians.

Solar System

Solar energy is, simply, energy provided FREE by the sun. Electricity can be
produced directly from Solar Panels.

Air Conditioning

Split system units are the most popular choice for existing housing or when
the area requiring cooling is smaller or quite specific.

Tesla Battery

Expert Electrical will be offering competitively priced home energy storage solutions from leading companies such as Fronius and Tesla


At Expert Electrical we can put a bundle together that will suit your needs. Call us today for a quick chat so we can help you determine what will give you the solution.

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Who wants a discount of 70%!?

Tesla is suggesting its new gigafactory (that is an awfully big factory) will massively drop the price of batteries significantly.? Who are Tesla and what does it mean to you? ? Tesla are the American company who are responsible for one of the most successful full electric cars that have been constantly in the news.? This car is quicker than a sportscar, is almost silent when being driven and requires no fuel with a battery that will allow a driving range of up to 500klms.? While the price of the Tesla S is beyond the means of most households the technology used in these batteries will revolutionise homes.? ? Imagine having your solar system feed a Powerwall battery that … [Read More...]

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5kw Sungrow Hybrid Inverter with an LG Chem 6.4KW Battery

To find out how you can start saving money and storing your own generated electricity contact us now by calling, or clicking on the Message Button. One of our knowledgeable staff will be able to discuss all of your options with you and help you work out a solution that is personalized and going to give you the best return on your investment!
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